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Electricians, trainers, inspectors, apprentices, do-it-yourselfers, students, and instructors will find all their needs met in our broad collection of electrical training products including the NEC®, code-related products, and electrical licensing exam preparation products. We are your complete electrical resource and training solutions partner, and we're committed to serving your learning needs and providing you with all the information and resources you need to stay on top of your game in the electrical field.
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cover image - Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity
Packed with quality photos and illustrations, DELMAR'S STANDARD TEXTBOOK OF ELECTRICITY, 7E by Stephen Herman combines comprehensive coverage of basic electrical theory with practical "how to" information that prepares readers for real practice. With updates that reflect the latest 2017 NEC, this edition is ideal for a multitude of electrical courses to educate and train technicians.
Price: $174.95
cover image - Electronic Variable Speed Drives
This one-of-a-kind, concise book introduces solid theory and the latest advancements in electronic variable speed drives while highlighting the information maintenance technicians need to understand DC and inverter drive technology.
Price: $174.95
cover image - Electric Motor Control
Updated with the latest technology, machines, and controls in the industry, ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, 10E delivers comprehensive coverage and practical insight for anyone who will install, monitor, and/or maintain motor controls.
Price: $129.95
cover image - Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code
This uniquely effective guide helps readers master the 2014 National Electrical Code®, using highly detailed, technically accurate illustrations to make even the most complex aspects of the Code easier to understand and apply.
Price: $129.95
cover image - Electrical Grounding and Bonding
Written in accordance with the 2014 National Electrical Code®, this user-friendly, practical guide provides a thorough and effective introduction to the essentials of electrical grounding and bonding, including complete, up-to-date coverage of Article 250 requirements.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Electrical Wiring Residential
Delivering the very latest in industry standards and procedures, longtime market leader ELECTRICAL WIRING RESIDENTIAL, 18e continues to provide comprehensive, authoritative coverage that fully implements the 2014 National Electrical Code®.
Price: $147.95
cover image - Electrical Wiring Industrial
ELECTRICAL WIRING INDUSTRIAL, 15E is the complete, step-by-step guide and on-the-job reference tool for wiring industrial buildings according to the current 2014 National Electrical Code®.
Price: $150.95
cover image - Electricity 3, Power Generation and Delivery
Updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code®, ELECTRICITY 3: POWER GENERATION AND DELIVERY, 10E provides thorough coverage of power generation and delivery of both single phase and three-phase power.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Electricity 4, AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance
Updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code®, ELECTRICITY 4: AC/DC MOTORS, CONTROLS, AND MAINTENANCE, 10e delivers practical coverage of AC/DC motors, controls, and the maintenance portion of electrical theory content.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual
An all-inclusive manual for the electrical trades, the ELECTRICAL PRE-APPRENTICESHIP & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT MANUAL primes students for apprenticeship with a goal of securing employment.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Electricity 1, Devices, Circuits, and Materials
Designed to help students learn fundamental electrical concepts and explore their practical applications, this convenient, affordable text provides a solid foundation in electron theory and movement, direct-current series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, voltage line drops, rotating machinery fundamentals, and more.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Electricity 2, Devices, Circuits and Materials
Designed to help students learn fundamental electrical concepts and explore their practical applications, this trusted text provides a thorough introduction to various types of alternating current (AC) circuits, as well as key principles such as power, power factor, power factor correction, inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and impedance.
Price: $99.95
cover image - Math for Electricity & Electronics
Packed with relevant examples and practical exercises, MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, 4E equips students with the skills to think quantitatively, predict results, and troubleshoot effectively.
Price: $199.95
cover image - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians
PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICIANS, 9E will give your students the math skills they need to succeed in the electrical trade by introducing them to important math principles through problems designed for the electrical profession, while offering them an excellent opportunity to develop and practice problem-solving skills.
Price: $79.95
cover image - Residential Construction Academy, Electrical Principles
Part of the Residential Construction Academy series, ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES, 2E, provides the need to know information to become a residential electrician. Coverage includes the basic electrical principles from safety to motors and discusses how to go from electrical theory to application.
Price: $129.95
cover image - AC Theory
Designed to provide your students with a thorough introduction to Alternating Current electrical characteristics and circuit construction, AC THEORY, 3rd edition explores the complexities of this more advanced circuit theory by building on the basics established in direct current theory.
Price: $99.95