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HVAC Apprenticeship Books

Cengage Learning has partnered with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the PHCC Educational Foundation (PHCC), and the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) to develop a four-year program for HVACR. The HVAC Apprenticeship series of textbooks is written with entry-level technicians, apprentices, and students in mind. Our HVAC certification and training books provide real-world curriculum, accompanied by informative instructor extras with resource materials and lesson plans.

The series starts with simple concepts to provide an overview of the field of HVAC, including its main systems and components. Readers then progress to learning more complex procedures, including installation and repair, maintenance and inspection, and sales and customer service.

Series features include:

  • Basic language and terminology used in the HVAC field
  • Detailed images, graphs and tables to illustrate systems and processes
  • Field and real-world examples and scenarios as critical thinking problems
  • Instructor resources, including a computerized test bank of final exam questions, PowerPoint slides that correspond to the text, and an image library

This modular approach to HVAC training and certification is combined with a number of real-world examples, making each book in the series an ideal resource for learning the field’s key concepts. Backed by these globally recognized organizations and the standards and resources they are known for, Cengage Learning has produced a top of the line industry-driven series of textbooks that meets the needs of any HVAC professional. Browse and select from our library below to view a detailed description of each book we offer!

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cover image - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Renewable Energy Technicians
Give students the essential quantitative skills they need to succeed in today's exciting and rapidly growing field of renewable energy with DeVore's PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNICIANS.
Price: $79.95
cover image - Significant Changes to the IPC, IMC, and IFGC, 2015
Sorting through a key code – whether it is the International Plumbing, Mechanical, or Fuel Gas Code ® - can be a daunting task so we have provided a resource that will break down all three of these codes so that readers can easily identify key changes and their real-world applications.
Price: $48.00
cover image - DEWALT® HVAC Code Reference, Based on the International Mechanical Code
The DEWALT HVAC Code Reference uses the International Mechanical Code® as the foundation for providing readers with the knowledge and skills needed to install or modify HVAC equipment successfully.
Price: $21.95
eBook Price: $16.99
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cover image - DEWALT® HVAC/R Professional Reference Master Edition
The HVAC/R professional reference contains more than 500 pages of extensive information on such important topics as refrigeration systems, piping, ductwork, motors, compressors, fans, pumps and more.
Price: $26.95