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Field Manual for Powerline Workers

ISBN 13: 9780766834453

ISBN 10: 076683445X

Author: Wayne Van Soelen

Pages: 256

Published: 02/08/2001

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Field Manual for Powerline Workers provides linemen with instant access to information needed to complete daily tasks and respond effectively to emergency service calls. More than a directory of rules and regulations, the author outlines safety precautions and offers procedural guidelines to minimize the risk of field injuries. Among the topics covered in detail are: high- and low-voltage troubleshooting procedures, stringing procedures, rigging procedures, truck operation, and boom operation. Specific guidelines for live line work - placing grounding; controlling ground and air traffic; climbing, trenching, and blasting; contending with lightning and pole fires; and working alone - are also addressed thoroughly.

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  • Safety precautions, procedures and troubleshooting guidelines enable powerline workers to operate at a standard equal to, or higher than, requirements specified by regulatory authorities.
  • Information applies universally to all powerline workers, and may be used "as is" or customized by the publisher for utility companies that want to incorporate their own procedures and rules.
  • Standardized methods and well-defined terms improve communication when linemen are called upon to restore power at neighboring utilities (e.g., after a storm).
  • In addition to being an indispensable field reference, this manual may also be used effectively by powerline workers when taking open-book, employer-sponsored competency tests.
  • The emphasis on field safety makes this Field Manual an ideal companion to Electrical Essentials for Powerline Workers (which covers necessary electrical theory).
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Managing Risk in the Powerline Work. An Introduction to Risk Management. Managing. Risk in the Working Environment. Managing Personal Safety Risk. Chapter 2 Working with Poles, Towers, and Vaults. Working at Heights. Working with Poles. Working in Vaults and Chambers. Some Line Construction Tidbits. Chapter 3 Working with Conductor and Cable. Specific Hazards Working with Conductors. Stringing Procedures. Making Connections. Specific Hazards Working with Underground Cable. Typical Tasks Involving Underground Cable. Chapter 4 Operating Switchgear. Identify Switching Hazards. Operating Isolating Switchgear. Operating Protective Switchgear. Promoting the Operation of Circuit Protection. Chapter 5 Connecting and Troubleshooting Transformers. Checking out a Transformer. Specific Hazards Working with Transformers. Single Phase Transformer Connections. Three Phase Transformer Connections. Troubleshooting Transformers. Working on a Voltage Conversion. Chapter 6 Maintaining Good Voltage to the Customer. Troubleshooting Voltage Problems. Operating Voltage Regulators. Operating Capacitors. Recognizing a Tingle Voltage Complaint. Finding the Cause of Flickering Lights. Investigating a Radio and Television Interference (TVI) Complaint. Chapter 7 Rigging in Powerline Work. Using Rigging Hardware. Lifting a Load. Working with Tensioned Conductor. Chapter 8 Working with Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks. Checking out the Truck. Monitoring a Hydraulic System. Stabilizing a Boom Equipped Truck. Electrical Protection Working with Non Insulated Booms. Electrical Protection Working with Insulated Booms. Operating a Digger Derrick. Operating an Aerial Device. Chapter 9 Installing Protective Grounds. Reasons to Install Protective Grounds. Apply the Grounding Principle to Control Current. Apply the Bonding Principle to Control Voltage. Apply Protective Grounds to Control Voltage and Current from Induction. Specific Grounding Hazards. Specific Details for Protective Grounding of Underground Cable. Chapter 10 Working it Hot. Safety Strategy for Live Line Work. Working on Live Secondary. Rubber Glove Work. Live Line Tool Work. Chapter 11 Working with Revenue Metering. Single Phase Revenue Metering. Three-Phase Revenue Metering. Transformer-Rated Revenue Metering. Specific Hazards Installing and Removing Meters. Chapter 12 Maintaining Street Lights. Supplying Power to Streetlights. Street Light Hazards. Troubleshooting Street Lights. Appendix. Glossary
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