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The Trade Technician's Soft Skills Manual

ISBN 13: 9781111313814

ISBN 10: 1111313814

Author: Steve Coscia

Pages: 128

Published: 03/10/2011

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Learning to express yourself in a positive and professional way can be an art-form.
THE TRADE TECHNICIAN'S SOFT SKILLS MANUAL, teaches these important soft skills with line drawings, photographs, and anecdotes from real case studies. This approach makes the subject area approachable while engaging the reader. The anecdotes are followed by explanations of proven service behaviors, along with proven standards, practice tips, forms, documents and checklists complete the text to teach technicians the fine art of customer service. Based on more than 30 years of studies and field research, this text teaches the skills needed for a trade technician to advance in their careers and differentiate themselves from others in their field. THE TRADE TECHNICIAN'S SOFT SKILLS MANUAL is written by Steve Coscia, a motivational speaker who managed a technical support team for more than 20 years and has used these techniques and practices to advance his own career as an industry expert.
  • Clear and concise presentation of anecdotes (based on actual case studies) are followed by practical explanations of world-class service behaviors.
  • Fun and engaging artwork to better simulate the reader's imagination and motivation.
  • References to broad business case studies which validate the application.
  • Proven standards, practice tips, forms, documents, checklists, diagrams and tables provide valuable learning and practice resources.
Author Bio
Steve Coscia
Steve Coscia helps companies make more money through increased customer retention, up selling and reduced on-the-job-stress. Steve is the most widely published and quoted authorities in the customer service industry. He wrote the HVAC Customer Service Handbook along with a customer service college curriculum for trade school students, which is taught throughout the United States and Canada. Each year thousands of professionals benefit from Steve's seminars, speeches, e-learning, videos books and online newsletter. Steve conducted the customer service industry's first study of stress and the causes of stress along with the most common manifestations of post-stress behavior. This keen mastery of the physiological behavior differentiates him and it benefits his clients. <BR />Steve is that past president of the National Speakers Association's Mid-Atlantic Chapter. He resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife Veronica and their son, Michael. He ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1991 and he ran the Philadelphia half-marathon five times. When is not writing or speaking, Steve enjoys motorcycles, bicycles and kayaking – he loves the outdoors. Go to www.coscia.com to learn about Steve's innovative customer service strategies.
cover image - The Trade Technician's Soft Skills Manual
Table of Contents
Halos and Hygiene.
The Customer is Always Right.
Customers and Congruency.
Editorializing and Empathy.
Listening & Learning.
Clutter and Clarity.
Fearlessness and Finesse (listen skills chapter).
Appendix (Checklists & Forms).