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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Heating and Cooling Technicians

ISBN 13: 9781111541354

ISBN 10: 1111541353

Author: Russell B. DeVore

Pages: 320

Published: 02/15/2012

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Practical Problems for Heating And Cooling Technicians, 6th Edition gives you the essential quantitative skills to get ahead in the HVAC field today! This text condenses critical mathematical theories into short, easily understood sections, and illustrates every concept with multiple examples and practice problems drawn from tasks technicians perform on the job every day. Loaded with helpful visual features and study aids, Practical Problems for Heating And Cooling Technicians, 6th Edition puts key information at your fingertips with critical formula conversion charts, a glossary of the latest HVAC-specific terms, hands-on exercises, and optional supplemental tools designed to build your skills and confidence.
  • Modern Updates: Incorporating reviewer feedback, the 6th Edition includes extra examples and problems on solar power calculation and heat source systems.
  • Green Technology Applications: Now featuring energy-efficient heating and cooling products, this text helps future technicians develop skills based on the latest and emerging technologies in the HVAC field.
  • New Blueprint Chapter: To help students develop the skills required to read and interpret the types of blueprints typically found on HVAC jobs.
  • Robust Supplements: Specifically designed to accompany the book, available CourseMate and Instructor Resources save instructors time while adding dimension to lessons with interactive study tools and course preparation features.
  • Stimulating Visuals: Realistic drawings and illustrations help students grasp abstract concepts by showing how they apply to the work they will perform in HVAC jobs.
  • Logical Organization: The book starts with the basics and gradually works toward more complex topics to challenge students without overwhelming them.
  • Unique Billing Chapter: An often overlooked topic, the chapter on billing demonstrates how to properly submit invoices and collect fees for HVAC work.
  • "Practical Problems": Throughout the text, this feature demonstrates how concepts apply to jobs in the Heating and Cooling industry.
  • Handy References: A comprehensive glossary defines HVAC-specific terms, while helpful conversion charts present critical field information at a glance.
Author Bio
Russell B. DeVore
Russell B. DeVore [retired] was a Shift Technical Advisor and Simulator Instructor at the training center of a nuclear power plant for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. He is former Chair of the Arts & Sciences Division at Trident Technical College, and a former physics teacher at Bloomsburg University. Currently, he teaches on campus at a community college and online at a four-year state college. Dr. DeVore has worked in the energy and education fields for many years, contributing both academic and practical expertise to this book. He is also the author of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR HEATING AND COOLING TECHNICIANS.
cover image - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Heating and Cooling Technicians
Table of Contents
1. Whole Numbers.
2. Common Fractions.
3. Decimal Fractions.
4. Ratio and Proportion.
5. Percent, Percentage, and Discount.
6. Direct Measure.
7. Computed Measure.
8. Formulas.
9. Stretchouts and Lengths of Arcs.
10. Trigonometry.
11. Graphs.
12. Bills.
Sample Chapters