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Math for Electricity & Electronics

ISBN 13: 9781111545079

ISBN 10: 1111545073

Author: Dr. Arthur Kramer

Pages: 640

Published: 09/28/2011

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With its fresh reader-friendly design, MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, 4E equips learners with a thorough understanding of essential algebra and trigonometry for electricity and electronics technology. Well-illustrated information sharpens the reader's ability to think quantitatively, predict results, and troubleshoot effectively, while problem sets for drill and practice reinforce comprehension. To ensure mastery of the latest ideas and technology, the book thoroughly explains all mathematical concepts, symbols, and formulas required by future technicians and technologists.
  • Completely revised and up to date, MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, 4e is more cutting edge than ever. All explanations, examples, and problem material have been made more current and relevant to today's learners.
  • The Fourth Edition includes a new homework solution that provides online pre-tests, homework, tutorials, flashcards and games for algebra and trig, and testing capabilities for instructors with auto-grading.
  • The number and variety of exercises has been significantly increased in almost all chapters. Responding to reviewer feedback, enhanced calculator applications have been added, and more calculator examples are now included.
  • New exercises include green efficiency problems--solar, nuclear, geothermal, and hydroelectric--to incorporate the environmental side of electronics and electricity.
  • Helping ensure thorough understanding, explanations of concepts have been expanded and improved in several chapters.
  • This proven, algebra-based text teaches learners to use and adapt formulas while also equipping them with the critical thinking skills necessary to understand, analyze, and solve mathematical problems.
  • Practical problems in the non-electronics chapters encourage learning by applying key concepts to everyday situations readers can relate to--such as cars, salaries, sales prices, grades, sports, and more.
  • Putting theory into practice, "Close to the Circuit" examples show readers step-by-step how to apply mathematical concepts to an electricity or electronics problem. "Error Boxes" point out common mistakes and stress the correct approach to the solution.
  • Integrating numerous applications throughout every chapter, MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, 4e makes an excellent core text or supplement to a foundation electronics textbook.
Author Bio
Dr. Arthur Kramer
Arthur D. Kramer is a Professor of Mathematics at NYC Technical College of City University of New York. He has authored four Technical Mathematics texts and Mathematics Courseware for PC use. He is also a member of the MAA, NCTM, and NYSMATYC.
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Table of Contents
1. Basic Arithmetic.
2. Decimals and Percentages.
3. Powers and Roots.
4. Systems of Measurement.
5. Basic Algebra.
6. Linear Equations.
7. Basics of DC Circuits.
8. Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials.
9. Algebraic Fractions.
10. Formulas and Problem Solving.
11. Series and Parallel DC Circuits.
12. Graphs.
13. Linear Systems.
14. Network Analysis.
15. Network Theorems.
16. Trigonometry of the Right Triangle.
17. Trigonometry of the Circle.
18. Alternating Current.
19. Trigonometry of Vectors.
20. Complex Numbers and Phasors.
21. Series AC Circuits.
22. Parallel AC Circuits.
23. Exponents and Logarithms.
24. Applications of Logarithms.
25. Computer Number Systems.
26. Boolean Algebra.
27. Statistics.
APPENDIX A: Calculator Functions.
APPENDIX B: Notation and Formulas.
APPENDIX C: Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.