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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Masons

ISBN 13: 9781133014744

ISBN 10: 1133014747

Author: John Ball; Robert Benjamin Ham; Donna B. Ham

Pages: 208

Published: 03/23/2012

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Newly revised for the 3rd Edition, PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR MASONS provides the quantitative skills you need for success in the workplace. Starting with the basics, this practical worktext uses straightforward language and clear organization to develop confidence quickly with helpful hints. This book guides you through the math most commonly used in masonry reinforcing your knowledge of key math principles from whole numbers and decimals to fractions and percentages. Next, step-by-step discussions of volume, area, square roots, and the Pythagorean Theorem provide the foundation masons need to properly measure projects, align walls, and estimate quantities of materials. Throughout PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR MASONS, 3RD Edition many examples, illustrations, and practice word problems help develop logical reasoning skills while developing your awareness of basic masonry terms and practices.
  • Current Industry Examples: The worktext provides examples and word problems based on current industry applications and practices, including the latest residential building code regulations, construction industry safety regulations, masonry industry standards, and trade association recommendations.
  • Green Focus: New practice problems highlight energy-efficient technologies and emerging trends in masonry and construction today.
  • Indispensible Calculator Training: An introduction to using a hand-held calculator shows readers the correct order of operations for solving mathematical equations and formulas, and starts them off with the right footing.
  • Enhanced Illustrations: New and improved illustrations throughout the worktexthelps students, especially spacial learners, see problems and solutions more clearly.
  • Bold Visuals: Plenty of diagrams, charts, and other illustrations throughout the book help readers visualize key mathematical and masonry-related concepts for better comprehension.
  • Critical Thinking Practice: Multi-step word problems encourage readers to apply new concepts and skills, solve real-world problems, and perform typical worksite tasks.
  • Systematic Examples: Step-by-step problems and examples break lessons into manageable pieces, ensuring that readers understand each step before venturing on and eliminating learning gaps.
Author Bio
John Ball
John E. Ball has more than ten years experience instructing secondary school, vocational, and college-level construction courses. An active member of several professional organizations, Mr. Ball has spoken before the Associated General Contractors.
Robert Benjamin Ham
Robert B. Ham is a retired vocational education teacher, and the 2002 recipient of The Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Education's Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Most recently a safety manager and director of masonry apprenticeship training for an established Virginia commercial masonry contractor, he is an experienced journeyman mason and masonry contractor. In addition to this text, Mr. Ham is the author of MASONRY: BRICK AND BLOCK CONSTRUCTION by Delmar, Cengage Learning. He is a 1974 graduate of Virginia Tech.
Donna B. Ham
Donna B. Ham is a retired high school mathematics teacher, adjunct faculty member of Blue Ridge Community College, and a recent Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Testing Manager. She has served on the Board of the Augusta County Federal Credit Union and serves as chairman of the Supervisory Committee.1974 graduate of James Madison University, she holds a B. A. degree in mathematics and an M.Ed. with a concentration in mathematics.
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Table of Contents
Using a Hand-Held Calculator.
1. Whole Numbers.
2. Common Fractions.
3. Decimals.
4. Percentages, Interest, Averages, and Proportions.
5. Powers and Roots.
6. Measure.
7. Computing Geometric Measure and Shapes.
8. Formulas to Align Masonry Walls.
9. Materials Estimation.
Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions.
Sample Chapters