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Building Code Basics: Energy, Based on the International Energy Code

ISBN 13: 9781133283393

ISBN 10: 113328339X

Author: International Code Council (ICC)

Pages: 192

Published: 05/02/2013

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As energy conservation continues to become an increasingly important factor in building construction, BUILDING CODE BASICS: ENERGY is a book that is more relevant and more valuable than ever before. Designed to provide a straightforward, easy-to-read guide to the International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®), it fills an informational gap that exists between the code itself and the tactical reference information needed to properly apply it in a real-world setting. This book provides solid, working information on critical energy code applications for residential and commercial construction without the text-heavy, complex, and sometimes abstract language that complicates many of the more traditional code-related products. Coverage includes the basics of the IECC®, including essential requirements and reasons for the code provisions. This thorough coverage, combined with the book's organized, user-friendly and practical approach, makes BUILDING CODE BASICS: ENERGY a critical addition to any professional or reference library.

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  • Detailed, full-color illustrations help students to visualize sometimes abstract code language, transforming it into easy-to-understand concepts.
  • Simple, straightforward explanations take the mystery out of the technical terms and clarify the meaning behind important building energy regulation vocabulary.
  • Code references point to critical sections of the code to emphasize need-to-know information paired with non-technical explanations, providing added value to the book's usefulness.
Author Bio
International Code Council (ICC)
ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.
cover image - Building Code Basics: Energy, Based on the International Energy Code
Table of Contents
Part I: Code Administration and Compliance
1. Introduction to building codes.
2. Code Adoption, Code Official Authority.
3. Scope and Applicability.