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Significant Changes to the IECC 2012 and ASHRAE 90.1 2010

ISBN 13: 9781285745510

ISBN 10: 1285745515

Author: International Code Council (ICC)

Pages: 320

Published: 06/28/2013

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In today's building jobs, knowing construction codes simply isn't enough; you must maintain your knowledge of the changes in these codes and standards in order to be most effective and prepared for work in the industry. That's where the Significant Changes series comes in. One of the latest additions to this best-selling series is SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®) 2012 EDITION and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES STANDARD 90.1- 2010 EDITION (Energy Standard For Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings). Dedicated to providing the most current information on energy conservation codes and standards, this book explores commercial and residential energy conservation through efficiency in envelope design, mechanical systems, power and lighting systems, and new materials and techniques. Its unique layout incorporates code and standard change type, change summary, and change significance with application, discussion and illustrations, resulting in a valuable tool that will allow you to quickly and easily identify the most important of the extensive number of changes in the IECC-2012 and ASHRAE 90.1-2010, and then plan, execute, or evaluate the project. With the proliferation of new energy consumption standards and related code and standard requirements in the construction industry, there has never been a better time for a resource like this one!

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  • Emphasis on provisions that have special significance, are utilized frequently, or have had a change in application highlights critical, need-to-know content.
  • Easy-to-use format guides the reader through the facts and changes quickly so the tool is valuable and thorough, but never cumbersome.
  • Text is arranged to follow the general layout of the codes themselves, including code articles and section number format, allowing the reader to easily reference the information they need, when they need it.
  • Each change is accompanied by a photograph, a real-world application example, or an illustration to assist and enhance the readers understanding of the specific changes.
Author Bio
International Code Council (ICC)
ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.
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