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Delmar Online Training Simulation: Residential Wiring 2014, 4 terms (24 months) Instant Access

ISBN 13: 9781305581326

ISBN 10: 1305581326

Author: Interplay Learning


Published: 10/21/2014

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Immerse yourself in a realistic 3D learning experience like no other as DELMAR ONLINE TRAINING SIMULATION: RESIDENTIAL WIRING 2014 guides you from understanding the basics of residential writing through mastering and practicing room-by-room wiring installation. This engaging digital simulation provides essential practice within a captivating, lifelike, yet safe, environment. The simulation is divided into three clear sections. You initially focus on understanding and mastering wiring basics, including the single-pole switch, three-way switches, GFCI outlets, and other essentials. In the second section, you practice wiring a full 3D house, room-by-room — from the initial wire diagrams through completing the installation. In the final section, you learn how to effectively apply the National Electric Code 2014 (NEC 2014) to lifelike situations and possible challenges, which deepens your understanding of the code and gives you a strong command of the industry’s best practices. Each section features dynamic feedback reports on your performance that encourage your advancement and ensure mastery of the skills you need.
  • UNIQUE 3D PRACTICE IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER TRAINING. This engaging, immersive digital simulation environment offers learning opportunites unlike any wiring training product on the market. Learners have an opportunity to endlessly practice basic and more advanced wire installation skills in a three-dimensional, realistic, and safe environment.
  • SMART VISUAL FEEDBACK REPORTS LET LEARNERS QUICKLY ASSESS STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. These immediate, clear feedback reports make it simple for learners, and instructors, to quickly evaluate where students have command of material and where they require more instruction.
  • LEARNERS HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE 2014 NEC CODE IN ACTION. As learners interact with the simulation, they see the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) code applied within actual lifelike situations. Learners gain a stronger understanding of best practices and the impact of code language in professional practice.
  • ENGAGING SIMULATION ENIVRONMENT MOTIVATES LEARNERS. With dynamic, captivating 3D visuals presented in a realistic environment and meaningful activities, this practical simulation offers a level of student engagement, excitement and motivation that is unrivaled in traditional learning products.
Author Bio
Interplay Learning
Interplay Learning develops award-winning, 3D interactive simulation training and testing applications for the professional trades. Delivered over the web, Interplay’s products are immersive and lifelike, promoting knowledge retention, improved performance, and decreased time to competency.