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DEWALT® Building Contractor's Licensing Exam Guide: Based on the 2015 IRC & IBC

ISBN 13: 9781305960336

ISBN 10: 1305960335

Author: Christopher Prince

Pages: 240

Published: 03/22/2016

Price: $44.95 Add to cart

Updated to reflect the 2015 International Building Code® and International Residential Code®, this guide introduces you to the most critical concepts, from code and OSHA requirements to business management and building theory. This valuable content is enhanced by the book's student-friendly features, including access to an interactive online exam prep course that simulates actual exams, over 500 practice questions, test-taking strategies, exam rules, and answer keys. With all of these tools, never before has it been so easy to prepare for state or county licensing exams.

DEWALT's Online Licensing Exam Prep Course (a $49.95 value) is included with this guide to help you prepare by simulating the actual licensing exam experience. Inside, a printed card contains an access code and instructions to get you started, with practice quizzes and exams in an interactive, online format. References are included with most questions and, upon completion of each exam, you will be provided a final score to evaluate your comprehension of each section. The tests can be taken as many times as necessary, until you feel well prepared to pass your exam.

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  • Ensures most up-to-date coverage with the use of code references for the 2015 International Building® and International Residential Code®.
  • Clarifies critical concepts with clear diagrams and detailed illustrations.
  • Provides a valuable resource for anyone in the field, with comprehensive coverage that includes journeyman, apprentice, master, and contractor licensing exams, as well as International Code Council Certification.
  • Offers a complete learning experience with access to the online licensing exam prep that allows students to skip questions, mark questions to review later, and assess areas that need improvement.
Author Bio
Christopher Prince
Chris Prince has spent 15 years in the construction industry, both in the field and in formal training. By developing courses and teaching in live classroom settings, he has helped more than 30,000 candidates across the country prepare for state licensing exams. Mr. Prince has been instrumental in launching an online training program for residential and commercial contractors, with emphasis on building theory, codes, licensing, lien laws, business management, ethics, OSHA, contract law, payroll and project management. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.
cover image - DEWALT® Building Contractor's Licensing Exam Guide: Based on the 2015 IRC & IBC
Table of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. Time for Test Mode.
3. Preparing for the Exam.
4. Using This Exam Guide.
5. What to Bring to the Exam.
6. Let the Test Begin.
7. State Licensing Requirements for General Contractors.
Part One: Math Concepts.
8. The Dreaded Math.
9. Math Rules.
10. Math Review.
11. Floor Framing Terminology.
12. Wall Framing Terminology.
13. Wall Framing Math.
14. Roof Framing Terminology.
15. Roof Types.
16. Roofing Math.
Part Two: Administration.
17. Practice Exam.
Part Three: Design and Planning.
18. Practice Exam.
Part Four: Foundations.
19. Practice Exam.
Part Five: Floors.
20. Practice Exam.
Part Six: Walls.
21. Practice Exam.
Part Seven: Wall Coverings.
22. Practice Exam Based on the IRC®.
23. Practice Exam Based on the IBC®.
Part Eight: Roof Framing.
24. Practice Exam.
Part Nine: Roof Coverings.
25. Practice Exam.
Part Ten: Chimneys and Fireplaces.
26. Practice Exam.
Part Eleven: Concrete.
27. Practice Exam.
Part Twelve: Masonry.
28. Practice Exam.
Part Thirteen: Carpentry.
29. Practice Exam.
Part Fourteen: Roofing.
30. Practice Exam.
Part Fifteen: Project Management.
31. Practice Exam 1.
32. Practice Exam 2.
Part Sixteen: OSHA.
33. Practice Exam 1.
34. Practice Exam 2.
Part Seventeen: Comprehensive Final.
35. Final Practice Exam.
Part Eighteen: Answer Keys.
36. Part 1: Math Concepts Answer Key.
37. Part 2: Administration Answer Key.
38. Part 3: Design and Planning Answer Key.
39. Part 4: Foundations Answer Key.
40. Part 5: Floors Answer Key.
41. Part 6: Walls Answer Key.
42. Part 7: IBC Wall Coverings Answer Key.
43. Part 8: Roof Framing Answer Key.
44. Part 9: Roof Coverings Answer Key.
45. Part 10: Chimneys and Fireplaces Answer Key.
46. Part 11: Concrete Answer Key.
47. Part 12: Masonry Answer Key.
48. Part 13: Carpentry Answer Key.
49. Part 14: Roofing Answer Key.
50. Part 15: Project Management Practice Exam 1 Answer Key.
51. Part 15: Project Management Practice Exam 2 Answer Key.
52. Part 16: OSHA Practice Exam 1 Answer Key.
53. Part 16: OSHA Practice Exam 2 Answer Key.
54. Part 17: Comprehensive Final Answer Key.