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Delmar Online Training Simulation: Electricity & Wiring, 4 terms (24 months) Instant Access

ISBN 13: 9781337116251

ISBN 10: 1337116254

Author: Interplay Learning


Published: 11/02/2017

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Immerse yourself in a realistic 3D learning experience like no other as DELMAR ONLINE TRAINING SIMULATION: Electricity and Wiring guides you from understanding the basics of residential wiring through mastering and practicing room-by-room wiring installation. This engaging digital simulation provides essential practice within a captivating, lifelike, yet safe, environment. Activities focus on understanding and mastering wiring basics, including the single-pole switch, three-way switches, GFCI outlets, and other essentials. Inductance and capacitance calculations are also included. Then, you practice wiring a full 3D house, room-by-room — from the initial wire diagrams through completing the installation. Based on the National Electrical Code® 2014.
  • UNIQUE 3D PRACTICE IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER TRAINING. Learners have an opportunity to endlessly practice basic and more advanced wire installation skills in a three-dimensional, realistic, and safe environment.
  • SMART VISUAL FEEDBACK REPORTS LET LEARNERS QUICKLY ASSESS STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. These immediate, clear feedback reports make it simple for learners, and instructors, to quickly evaluate where students have command of material and where they require more instruction.
  • USER-FRIENDLY FUNCTIONALITY: Easy navigation paired with interactive tutorials, a user guide and built in help button allow learners to get up to speed quickly and on their way to wiring success.
  • COMPREHENSIVE WIRING PRACTICE: Learners will navigate 11 different rooms of a 3D house to complete wiring installations.
  • CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS: Circuit overview and cable diagrams show the component and cable layout for each circuit in the room, which is used to wire the 3D diagram correctly.
  • WIRING DIAGRAMS: Provide essential info about the circuit you're working on in 3D Wiring Mode, like code requirements, materials needed (receptacles, fixtures, etc.), the watts and volt-amperesWiti.
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