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Fundamentals of Construction Estimating

ISBN 13: 9781337399395

ISBN 10: 1337399396

Author: David Pratt

Pages: 496

Published: 01/01/2018

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Master the key principles of construction estimating and develop the skills you need to become a professional estimator with this comprehensive resource. Presenting estimating procedures in a straightforward and engaging way, FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING, Fourth Edition, clearly explains key processes of estimating and costing construction work such as quantity takeoff; pricing of contractor work, sub-trade work, and site overhead; and compiling bid documents. Even better, the text includes realistic drawings of two major projects (residential and commercial) to guide you through a complete estimating process that can be followed by various trades on many different types of construction projects.
  • All prices and productivities have been updated based on current values, so estimates are realistic and reflect today's industry environment.
  • A new section explains how estimates are used to determine monthly payments on a construction project, providing valuable context for understanding the broad role and benefits of effective estimating.
  • The Fourth Edition includes updated and expanded content on key topics such as basement excavations (including new examples of excavation laybacks), how unit prices are obtained (including information sources and rate calculations), and analysis of subcontractor bids (an increasingly common and important aspect of construction management).
  • The text emphasizes the use of spreadsheets rather than proprietary software, making it easier for students to learn key procedures and hone basic skills before mastering the specifics of advanced software.
  • The author discusses the advantages of using estimating software in the text, and a full estimate using MC2 ICE software is available as a supplement.
  • PowerPoint® slides covering major topics and chapter material are available as a supplement, making it easy to prepare engaging and effective presentations tailored to your course and students.
  • The author presents estimating processes using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach, which students can use in conjunction with current industry technology to produce accurate forecasts of construction costs quickly and effectively.
  • Drawing on extensive professional experience, the author provides thorough and effective training in the principles of construction estimating to help student develop the skills required for success as professional estimators.
  • The text covers a wide range of estimating procedures, providing a solid grounding in fundamental processes and techniques used in many different types of construction estimates for a wide variety of projects.
  • End-of-chapter review questions help reinforce key ideas and provide an opportunity for students hone their skills by working through practical problems.
  • The text includes drawings for two complete projects--one residential and one commercial--allowing users to complete the estimating process for each and gain valuable experience directly relevant to real-world scenarios.
Author Bio
David Pratt
David J. Pratt is a Professor of Civil Engineering Technology at SAIT Polytechnic and a lecturer in construction costing at the University of Calgary. Professor Pratt is a professional quantity surveyor and cost consultant. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, and holds a degree in Quantity Surveying from Liverpool College of Building together with a degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. The Estimating Process and Preliminary Procedures.
3. Measuring Quantities Generally.
4. Measuring Sitework, Excavation and Piling.
5. Measuring Concrete Work.
6. Measuring Masonry Work.
7. Measuring Carpentry and Miscellaneous Items.
8. Pricing Generally.
9. Pricing Construction Equipment.
10. Pricing Excavation and Backfill.
11. Pricing Concrete Work.
12. Pricing Masonry, Carpentry and Finishes Work.
13. Pricing Subcontractors' Work.
14. Pricing General Expenses.
15. Closing the Bid.
16. Budget Estimating.
17. Elemental Estimating.
18. Life-Cycle Costing
Appendix Glossary