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Electrical Essentials for Powerline Workers

ISBN 13: 9781401883584

ISBN 10: 1401883583

Author: Wayne Van Soelen

Pages: 352

Published: 11/03/2004

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  • updated safety coverage teaches power lineworkers how to minimize the risk of field injuries while helping employers meet important legal safety regulations
  • provides a unique, one-stop resource that enables power lineworkers to effectively meet the day to day challenges of their jobs
  • ample illustrations offer clear examples of technical procedures for better understanding and retention
  • text side-bars that feature topic headings so readers can quickly locate specific content make this an excellent field guide that can be referred to again and again
  • text side-bars contain topic headings to aid reader in quickly locating specific content
cover image - Electrical Essentials for Powerline Workers
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Electrical Power System Overview
Chapter 2 Electrical Units
Chapter 3 Alternating Current (AC)
Chapter 4 Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter 5 Circuit Protection
Chapter 6 Working in an Electrical Environment
Chapter 7 Installing and Removing Protective Grounds
Chapter 8 Supplying Quality Power
Chapter 9 Conductors and Cable
Chapter 10 Transformers
Chapter 11 Street-Lighting Systems
Chapter 12 Revenue Metering