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HVACR 401, Heat Pumps

ISBN 13: 9781428340022

ISBN 10: 1428340025

Author: John Hohman

Pages: 400

Published: 05/09/2011

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HVACR 401: HEAT PUMPS sets itself apart from other books on the market with its emphasis on the service technician perspective, instead of the design engineer viewpoint. The book begins with a review of the refrigeration cycle in comfort conditioning, and gradually progresses to more in-depth topics, including electrical schematics, maintenance, geothermal heat pumps, and troubleshooting case studies. With content that has been closely reviewed and revised in conjunction with the most respected national organizations in the HVACR industry (ACCA, PHCC, and RSES), this will prove to be a valuable learning tool that offers a wide range of critical concepts, presented in a clear, straightforward manner that facilitates comprehension and encourages you to apply the information as you learn it.

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  • Clarifies concepts with detailed line art high-resolution photographs that help students to visualize various pieces of equipment and processes.
  • Enhances comprehension with real-world examples and case studies that offer a meaningful and relevant context for critical topics.
  • Author's unique qualifications offer a powerful combination of industry knowledge and keen insight into how people learn.
Author Bio
John Hohman
Dr. John E. Hohman has over 40 years of experience in various education and industry fields. He received his Associate's degree in Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning, a Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education, a Master's degree in Educational Administration, and a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis on evaluation systems. Dr. Hohman put this powerful blend of degrees to use by serving as both instructor and an administrator at the university and community college levels. He remains very active in the industry itself, as a member of various HVAC and health care engineering boards at the national and state levels.
cover image - HVACR 401, Heat Pumps
Table of Contents
1. Review of the Refrigeration Cycle in Comfort Conditioning (The One Way Heat Pump).
2. Reversing the Cycle.
3.The Outdoor Unit as the Heat Absorber.
4. The Indoor Unit as a Heat Rejector.
5. The Heat Pump Thermostat.
6. Heat Pump Components.
7. Motors.
8. Compressors.
9. Specific Defrost.
10. Electrical Schematics.
11. Heat Pump Installation (Air Source).
12. Scheduled Maintenance.
13. Troubleshooting Case Studies.
14. Load Estimates.
15. Typical Heat Pump Systems.
16. Geothermal Heat Pumps.
17. Geo-source Heat Pumps.
18. Water-source Heat Pumps.
19. Flow Centers and Pumping Configurations.
20. Geothermal Sequence of Operation/System Checks.
21. Geothermal Installation.
22. Geothermal Scheduled Maintenance.
23. Troubleshooting Geothermal.
24. Energy Calculations and Efficiency.
Sample Chapters