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The Green Home, A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders

ISBN 13: 9781428377097

ISBN 10: 1428377093

Author: Lynn Underwood

Pages: 304

Published: 09/24/2009

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  • written by an experienced code official who tactfully integrates the International Code Council (ICC) Codes and the National Green Building Standard (NAHB) with green home building
  • checklists for both air sealing measures and ensuring building code compliance provide practical worksheets that readers can apply to real-world scenarios
  • detailed color photographs illustrate key concepts and help readers to visualize various green building components
  • valuable appendices delineate several "how to" references, offering additional resources that will supplement the information provided in the book
  • provides more explanation of the benefits of green building than any other book on the market
  • features latest in methods and materials
cover image - The Green Home, A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders
Table of Contents
Chapter One - Green Homebuilding and Sustainable Design
Chapter Two - Green Home Site Selection
Chapter Three - Green Homes, Sustainable Design and the Building Code
Chapter Four - Resource efficient design
Chapter Five - Building material choices
Chapter Six - Indoor Air Quality
Chapter Seven - Energy Conservation
Chapter Eight - Appliances and Lighting
Chapter Nine - Waste management during construction
Chapter Ten - Water Efficiency and Water Heater usage
Chapter Eleven - Renewable Energy Production
Chapter Twelve - Homeowner Operation