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Going Green with the International Residential Code

ISBN 13: 9781435497290

ISBN 10: 1435497295

Author: Scott Caufield

Pages: 304

Published: 04/01/2010

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  • Enhances value with the inclusion of the Building Code Primer, which offers critical insight into the operation of a building department for anyone seeking building permits.
  • Facilitates more accurate, reduced-risk planning and implementation by identifying the impact of code requirements on green construction both before and after the green decision is made.
  • Enables the easy integration of green building into plans by uncovering green options and choices that may not otherwise be known or readily spotted.
cover image - Going Green with the International Residential Code
Table of Contents

About the Author



Part I:

Chapter 1:Building Codes 101 - A Primer

Chapter 2:Construction Materials, Methods, and the IRC

Chapter 3:Green Construction Materials, Methods, and the IRC

Chapter 4:Understanding Alternative Materials and Methods (AMM)

Part II:

Chapter 5:Site and Building Planning

Chapter 6:Foundations

Chapter 7:Floor Framing

Chapter 8:Walls

Chapter 9:Interior and Exterior Wall Coverings

Chapter 10: Roof and Ceiling Framing

Chapter 11: Roof Coverings

Chapter 12: Chimneys, Fireplaces, and Masonry Heaters

Chapter 13: Energy Conservation

Chapter 14: Mechanical Equipment

Chapter 15: Plumbing Systems

Chapter 16: Electrical Systems


Appendix A: Building Conservation

Appendix B: Sample Evaluation Reports

Appendix C: Alternative Materials, Design, and Methods (AMM) Request Form


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